Who we are:

On January 24, 2020, after 30 years of engagement in the medicalization of cannabis, the «Swiss Taskforce for Cannabinoids in Medicine, STCM» was converted into the professional society «Swiss Society of Cannabis in Medicine, SSCM».
Founding members were (from left to right): Lukas Bösch, Melanie Rehli, Claude Vaney, Barbara Broers, Bea Goldmann, Christian Lanz, and Rudolf Brenneisen.

sgcm sscm

We are professionals from medicine, pharmacy, pharmacology, psychology, health care, research, and industry. We foster a good and close cooperation with the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH).

SSCM and its engagement:


  • is the Swiss interdisciplinary knowledge and information platform for the medical use of cannabis and cannabinoids
  • aims that cannabis and cannabinoids is as medication accepted, legally regulated and clinically implemented in Switzerland
  • promotes according the IACM «Declaration of Human Rights for Medical Access to Cannabis and Cannabinoids», which has also be signed by SSCM, that cannabis can be used in medicine on a scientific, rational and destigmatized base and corresponding treatments be accessed easily and unbureaucratically
  • has the task to network health professionals, caregivers, interest groups, patient organizations, scientists, politicians, representatives of health and regulatory administrations and industry, as well as to promote the cooperation with other organizations in and outside Switzerland
  • promotes basic and clinical research; collects, evaluates and provides facts and experiences from science and practice
  • elaborates medical recommendations for the most relevant treatment principles and the clinical use of cannabis and cannabinoids, based on scientific data and evidence
  • organizes congresses, training and continuing education events, also in cooperation with other professional societies, that are involved in the medical use of cannabis and cannabinoids
  • supports the establishment of quality controls and -circles, and awards skill certificates
  • is in Switzerland the contact point for questions on medical cannabis and cannabinoids, consults authorities, politics, media and public, and releases statements to consultations
  • has «Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids» (Karger Publishers Basel) as official, open access scientific journal.

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